What is the pricing for domains listed on GreenDomains.com?

The names are individually priced. To obtain current pricing, click on any name from the “View Names” page which will bring you to an inquiry form. Fill out the form and submit. We will respond back by email to your inquiry.

What is involved in the buying/transfer process?

A contract of sale is emailed to the buyer for their review. If the transaction is escrowed, the escrow transaction is also emailed to the buyer. When the buyer has made payment to GreenDomains.com or the escrow company, and the payment verified, the transfer of the name can begin. Both buyer and seller cooperate in the transfer of the domain name from the sellers account to the buyers account.

Should I use an escrow?

That is up to the comfort level of both buyer and seller. Escrow is not required- GreenDomains.com does accepts Escrow.com or Moniker.com for escrow services. GreenDomains.com will split the cost of escrow with the buyer. More information on escrows can be found at Moniker.com and Escrow.com.

What registrars can I use?

GoDaddy.com and Moniker.com. They have been chosen for both their customer service and ease of transfer.

I’ve paid for the domain name, how long does it take to get it transferred into my name?

Generally from, one to seven days. If the domain name is currently registered at GoDaddy.com or Moniker.com and it is staying at that registrar, the transfer can happen as fast as one to two days. If the domain is transferring between registrars it can take from three to seven days.

As the buyer, what do I need to do to facilitate the transfer?

Set up a free account at Moniker.com or GoDaddy.com, if you don’t already have one, and follow the registrars instructions to except the name into your account when it is transferred from the sellers account to the buyers account. Detailed instructions will be provided for the specific registrar at the time of escrow.

Can I get my new domain pointed to my dns server or my existing website?

Once escrow is funded and before transfer, we can point the domain to your existing site or your dns if requested. Once the transfer has begun, the domain can’t be redirected until the transfer has been completed. If you need assistance after the transfer, we can help.

I’m not ready to build out my domain, can I start using it as an email address?

GreenDomains.com can assist you in setting this up either through our servers or the registrars servers.

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